A Life Untold

A Life Untold By Dallaa Moussallati


‘Dallaa Moussallati brings us a sensitive imagining of life after death.’

Debut author Dallaa Moussallati has loved writing ever since she was a child, but decided to wait to write her novel A Life Untold. “I believe everything happens and evolves at the right time,” explains Dallaa. “It took thirty-six years for me to gain courage and strength and begin my career as a writer. It’s never too late!”

A Life Untold follows Zara, who wakes up in hospital completely disorientated. She cannot understand why she is there, or even remember who she is. And why can nobody see her? All is made clear, however, when she meets the surprisingly charismatic Angel of Death’s Head Assistant, or D.A.

“You’re going to die, my dear. Your time here is over. Well, almost over. You will live for another seven days, not including today. Today is Sunday, so your soul will leave next Sunday God willing. I’ll get the exact time; all the details are here in your book… at six-thirty in the evening on May 14th.”

Now Zara must travel back in time with D.A. and witness her life over the course of her last seven days on Earth. She will be reminded of her good and bad deeds, and the impact she has had on the people around her. But will her journey take her through to the Hereafter, or is her death not as inevitable as she thinks?

A Life Untold is a fictional memoir, based on Dallaa’s own life story. It discusses many contemporary issues such as different cultures, love, marriage, loss of children and loved ones, oppression, psychological well-being, courage, and strength. It shines a light on many painful issues women are faced with today. It also encourages all to take a different perspective on hardship and to perceive difficulties as a means to grow and gain strength. It will appeal to those looking for an uplifting and thought-provoking tale.

DALLAA MOUSSALLATI started teaching English as a foreign language seven years ago. She is passionate about psychology, for which she holds a BSc Honours degree, teaching, and writing.

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