Know Beauty fades away,

And wealth is not guaranteed to stay,

Know Youth is pure,

And age will inevitably mature,

Know Nothing remains the same,

Not age, wealth, health, or fame,

Know – We will come and go,

And when the time arrives we can’t say no,

Know Whom we are going back to,

He is the One that created me and you,

Know – If we loved Him here,

He will love us there,

Know He told us it would be this way,

But, we decided we wanted to stay,

Know Life on the other side is evergreen,

All we have to do is make sure our hearts stay clean,

Wipe all the greed away,

 Smile and help others in a gentle way,

Know Life is not as complicated, as it seems,

And we will all look back and think it was just a dream.

Dallaa Moussallati



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