The Magic Of Friendship

You can’t choose your family, but you can and do select your friends. I’ve been blessed with an amazing family, and I’ve also been blessed with wonderful friends from all over the globe.  There’s a magic about friendship that’s difficult to explain. Each friend, having the ability to understand a different part of you.

 I hadn’t seen or heard from my childhood school friends for over twenty years. I guess you can say life got in the way somehow. However, I always thought of them, and they always thought of me.  A week ago (True Story!) we found each other on Facebook, and it was literally as if we never parted. An amazing experience! We decided to have a group video chat; the first encounter in over twenty years, and all grown up, we were giggling like teenagers again for hours! You see, there’s a different kind of love in real friendship, being a part of each other’s lives is all that’s wanted, nothing else! It’s an intangible respect and acceptance between people no matter how different they may be, that time can never take away.

Genuine friendships are beautiful gifts from God. It’s a blessing to have them, and it’s also a blessing to be a great friend. Let’s look at some of the characteristics of a good friend.

  1. Good friends are fun to be around.
    2. Good friends are trustworthy.
    3. You can depend on good friends.
    4. Good friends don’t judge you.
    5. Good friends accept and respect each other’s differences.
    6. Good friends love you the way you are.
    7. Good friends never try to change you.
    8. Good friends are confident in their own lives.
    9. Good friends are supportive.
    10. Good friends don’t find it difficult to apologize when they are wrong.
    11. Good friends are good listeners and want the best for you.
    12. Good friends are always there for you.

To all my magnificent friends; thank you for being a part of my life and being beautiful rainbows in all my clouds.

Dallaa Moussallati


It’s Never Too Late – Our Brains Can Change!

We’ve come a long way in understanding the brain and how it works. Old theories have been successfully proven wrong. For instance, scientists used to believe that our adult brain had no chance of changing and that it was entirely formed. So what about late developers? People that wanted to change later on in life at forty, fifty, sixty, seventy? Well, apparently there was no hope. Job done, their brains had already been developed!

Don’t despair; there is always light at the end of every tunnel! Research has now found that one’s brain can grow and change no matter how old you are. Our brains also respond and adapt to new situations and different environments. New skills can be learnt quickly, and new abilities can develop throughout adulthood.

I love these findings! Basically it’s never too late! You’re never too old to dabble in new experiences, unleash hidden talents and follow your dreams. Our brains are designed to be on our side; we have the ability to strengthen
and mould them throughout our lives.

Lesson to be learned – let’s change our thoughts. No more, ‘I can’t do it,’ but a big, loud, ‘I CAN AND WILL SUCCEED IN ANYTHING I PUT MY MIND TO, GOD WILLING!’

Dallaa Moussallati


The Benefits Of Forgiveness

Most of us have experienced being hurt. We have loved and trusted people who have not only let us down but also went a step further and stabbed us in the back. Sometimes we forgave however occasionally the pain was too severe to grant a pardon. Of course, these individuals caused unnecessary suffering, sleepless nights and rivers of tears; they didn’t deserve to be forgiven, is what you’re probably thinking. But what if we look at forgiveness with a new set of lenses? What if not forgiving effects us both mentally and physically? What if forgiving enables us to move on and live our lives to the full? Let’s look at some of the incredible benefits of forgiveness.

1. Forgiveness reduces stress.
2. Forgiveness makes us less hostile.
3. Forgiveness improves self-control.
4. Forgiveness reduces anxiety.
5. Forgiveness relaxes the heart and lowers
our heart rate.
6. Forgiveness helps create and strengthen
7. Forgiveness plays a significant role in
healthy relationships.
8. Forgiveness boosts our spiritual well-being.
9. Forgiveness improves our psychological

Why don’t we try and give the people who have hurt us the benefit of the doubt? Maybe they didn’t mean to act the way they did? Perhaps they were going through difficult times? But what if we genuinely can’t find any reason to forgive?  Well, forgive for ourselves and our peace of mind. Forgive so we can experience all the incredible benefits mentioned above. Relieve ourselves of all the grudges piled on our shoulders. Start a fresh, forgive and begin to live!

Dallaa Moussallati


Lessons People Learnt Later On In Life They Wish They Knew Earlier On

Life is a journey. An adventure full of obstacles, learning, and growth. However, are
there any lessons people learnt later on in life, they wish they knew earlier on?
I took the intuitive and searched the web in the pursuit of trying to find
pearls of wisdom from people who gained knowledge the hard way. Here’s what I found:

1. Your health is far more important than your
wealth. We should never allow the pursuit of wealth to effect our health.

2. Your primary source of income should be
from something you love doing.

3. Time is the greatest healer.

4. Anger usually stems from fear.

5. You are the CEO of your life.

6. God was always by my side.

7. People are more important than things.

8. Enjoy your time with your children; they
become adults within a blink of an eye.

9. What you sow you will reap.

10. Worrying is a waste of energy and gets you

11. Less is more.

12. Enjoy life – it passes quickly.

13. Happiness is doing what you love.

14. Be yourself – don’t lose your identity to please

15. Failures in life only happen to teach you

16. If you think you know it all, you don’t know

I find each lesson carries its own wisdom. The question is why do people have to go through hardship to find them out? My answer would be, the journey, the process you have to go through to find the right answers makes the destination, your understanding of yourself and the world around you all the more valuable and beautiful!

Dallaa Moussallati